Made for You,
Good for the World.

We know how important it is to you to take care of the world we live in — it’s what matters to us too.

We want you to be able to treat yourself (we know you deserve to!) safe in the knowledge that the environment’s being treated with respect.

All our jewelry meets high standards of quality and sustainability, because we think looking good and looking after the planet should go hand in hand.


We work exclusively with 100% recycled sterling silver and gold vermeil, and we’re especially proud to be among the first to make demi-fine jewelry with sustainable lab-grown diamonds.

The quality and composition of these materials is exactly the same as their mined versions, but without the negative impact on communities and the environment. It’s the way forward, and you’re part of the change.

Our association with environmental charity One Tree Planted started with Anika’s collection.

Every time you treat yourself or your loved ones to a new piece of #MFYjewelry, we plant a new tree as a thank you for each order.

Each new tree helps to create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity and restore natural habitats.

Together, and with your support, we aim to plant 10,000 trees to aid reforestation around the world, while also supporting education, healthcare, humanitarian relief and animal welfare.

#Mfy Packaging

We’re changing the way we package your MFY jewelry as part of our mission to create beautiful timeless jewelry, sustainably.

Here are the changes we’ve already made:

  • Our packaging now uses recycled (and recyclable) paper and cardboard
  • The paper we use is also FSC certified (made without harming the world’s forests)
  • Everything’s printed using soy-based inks
  • We’ve removed all plastic hinging and magnets from our jewelry boxes, making them better for the environment
  • Each piece now comes with a vegan suede pouch

To protect each piece of jewelry, we’re currently still using foam-based inserts inside our boxes until we find a suitable alternative (we’re working on it!). We have, however, redesigned the box so you can easily remove the insert and recycle the rest.

We’re also moving away from single-use plastic (it’s essential to the future of our planet). Going forward we’re using biodegradable bags as a more eco-friendly alternative to the protective wrapping we use before each piece makes its way to you.

We know there’s still more we can do to help the planet, but we wanted to get started right away with making as many sustainable changes as possible while we figure out the next steps. Thanks for being part of this positive change, we couldn’t do it without you!

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