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Power-Up Your Look

We’ve designed our Talisman Chains to give you the freedom to wear different charms together on each chain, depending on what powers you need to face each new day.

This Talisman Y Chain is one of our faves as it gives you three unique ways to super-charge your powers:

The two openable bales make it super easy to add whichever powers you need to give you strength and support for the day ahead.

The removable extension chain gives you the option to keep it simple or create an instant layered look.

You can also link the extender into the main length of the chain to create a different energy. Perfect for layering with other talisman pieces

The Meaning Behind The Symbols

Hamsa And The Evil Eye

Banish bad vibes and welcome in the positive

A helping hand in the form of the Hamsa symbol of positivity and protection. We’ve included lotus-flower engraved detailing for inner zen and to bring your powerful moments of enlightenment.

Thought to protect its wearer by warding off negativity, the ancient Evil Eye symbol is known throughout the world for its mystical protective powers.

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Tree Of Life And The Snake

Growth, healing, and connection

Rooted to the earth and reaching to the sky, the Tree of Life represents spiritual growth, nourishment, and connection across cultures and generations.

The Snake represents duality, regeneration, and healing. Its looping shape is an empowering reminder to embrace all life’s twists and turns.

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Compass And The Anchor

Helping you journey through life

Symbolizing safety, serenity, and hope, the Anchor talisman is an empowering reminder to stay grounded and centered on every adventure.

Our Compass talisman make the perfect pieces to travel with you as you navigate through life. The compass is a symbol of independence and intuition and a reminder that whichever path you choose, you’ll find happiness along the way.

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Sun, Feather And The Crescent Moon

Symbols from the sky

Representing energy, confidence, and positivity, our delicately engraved Sun design celebrates your inherent strength to radiate sunny vibes, even in the darkest of times.

The Feather is a sign that a guardian angel is watching over you – whether a friend, loved one, or higher power. It represents a deep connection to the spiritual world and the freedom to follow your dreams.

A lunar symbol of change and manifestation, the Crescent Moon talisman is an empowering force, enabling you to focus on inner growth and renewal.

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